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Ups wrap around bypass schematic

UPS - Knowledgebase. What is a Manual Hard Bypass Switch and why are they necessary? UPS installations often include a manual wrap-around hard bypass switch, also referred to as maintenance bypass switch, or MBS. The manual bypass switch allows the UPS to be de-energized without interrupting power to the critical load.

The manual bypass switch provides a safe easy means for a trained service technician to perform routine maintenance, inspections and repairs to the UPS. This is done by manually transferring the load to the bypass power source using a make-before-break switch or breakers. Once the UPS is successfully serviced, the load can be safely transferred back without any power interruption. All manual hard bypass switches must be operated in the correct sequence or loss of load and damage to the UPS can result.

What are the differences between an internal and external manual bypass switch? Rotating the switch from normal to bypass will connect the load directly to the bypass power source allowing the UPS to be shutdown for maintenance.

Once maintenance is completed the bypass switch is rotated back to the normal position reconnecting the critical load to the conditioned UPS power source. Pros: The UPS can be easily bypassed and shut off for servicing by following the correct sequence. The UPS is not totally isolated from the AC power source and cannot not be physically removed or replaced without interrupting power to the load. Commonly, the separate enclosure is wall mounted or in a matching sidecar cabinet to the UPS.

Similar to the internal bypass switch, the UPS load can be seamlessly transferred between the UPS and bypass power source. This allows the UPS to be de-energized for service and even physically removed or reinstalled without interrupting power to the critical load. External rack mount manual bypass switches are typically used on UPS and Inverters that are designed to also be mounted in racks. All internal components are de-energized.

Transitioning Galaxy VM UPS into Maintenance Bypass - Schneider Electric Support

This is the most desirable bypass configuration for service accessibility and safety. Manual Bypass Switches.An uninterruptible power supply is an in-line power protection device that sites in the critical power path from your mains building incomer to your power distribution points.

As such it is imperative that the UPS system can be bypassed without disruption to any connected loads. Uninterruptible power supplies come in three different design topologies that are classified as standby, line interactive and on-line double-conversion. On-line UPS are the most popular for critical power protection and incorporate a built-in automatic bypass.

A sensing circuit monitors the output waveform of the UPS and compares this to a sinewave. If the output waveform is seen to distort due to an overload condition or a failure within the UPS itself, the load is automatically transferred to the bypass supply normally connected to the mains power supply.

The UPS automatic bypass may be relay or static switch based.

ups wrap around bypass schematic

In a relay-based transfer switch there may be a short break in supply as the load is transferred from the output of the UPS to the mains power supply. The most common type of UPS maintenance bypass is the static switch variety. The rela-based bypass is a cheaper alternative and can be found in smaller on-line UPS systems sub 1. Three phase and some smaller UPS systems will also incorporate a maintenance bypass switch. The switch will be breaker based and must be manually pushed into position to activate.

In maintenance bypass, the UPS can be safely serviced and inspected, though the system itself still has live components and the load is powered through the UPS and connected mains power supply. When the UPS service is completed, the maintenance bypass switch can be used to put the UPS back into full on-line protection. An external bypass can also be installed. This is a separate box normally wall or rack mounted and connected to both the UPS input and output supplies. The bypass is manually activated and when the output is switched to bypass, the load is supplied directly from the raw mains power supply.

In bypass mode, the UPS can be safely powered down without interruption to the connected loads and removed for UPS service work or swapped out. When the operation is completed and the UPS reconnected the bypass can be turned or switched to put the load back onto UPS output.

External maintenance bypass switches are commonly used with UPS systems in critical power protection installation as they prevent downtime and the need to power down connected loads servers and comms systems.

Another name for an external bypass arrangement is a wrap-around bypass. This type of arrangement is more commonly associated with parallel UPS installations. Each individual uninterruptible power supply will have its own internal maintenance bypass.JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser.

Home UPS Systems. A bypass switch is a non-essential addition to an uninterruptible power supply system that, while not integral to UPS operation, is definitely useful in the event of maintenance or repair. The core items you need in order to be protected in the event of power failure are a UPS and a battery to supply the power, under standard operation this should be all that is required. However, if there is a fault or you need to remove a unit for repair, a bypass switch ensures that power continuity is maintained in the event of a failure.

You can find our range of UPS Bypasses here. A maintenance bypass switch of the external variety will need to be bought separately in most instances and fitted by one of our technicians. If your electrical systems are mission-critical, for example in manufacturing or healthcare, we will likely advise fitting an external switch when you first purchase your UPS system and which product is the best fit for your needs.

Our strength lies in our ability to work with you to determine your exact needs for power protection for both now and in the future, and then create a bespoke solution to match your needs and your power strategy in the future.

As a UPS Systems customer, you can be assured of the greatest level of service during planning, installation and commissioning of your project as well as being provided with the best level of after-sales care available.

Static Bypass is the line which effectively joins the input supply to the output and continues to support the load without going through the UPS system. A properly designed system should enable this to be performed without loss of power to the load. A manual bypass switch is used to remove the UPS system from the circuit for servicing or maintenance or if it is no longer working correctly.

An automatic transfer switch functions in the same way as a manual, but will also switch the UPSs load to mains electric automatically if the UPS experiences an internal failure. As a static inverter is a more specialised version of a UPS system it works the same way, the Bypass switch allows a static inverter system to be bypassed if there is an issue or maintenance is required. Total Harmonic Distortion THDi is a measurement of the harmonic distortion and is the ratio of the sum of the power of all harmonic components to the power of the fundamental frequency.

THDi is also used to characterise the power quality of electric power systems and the linearity of audio systems. There are two main types of bypass switch that serve similar but distinct functions. These are the static bypass switch and the external maintenance bypass switch. UPS Repair. Remote Monitoring. Battery Replacement.

ups wrap around bypass schematic

Generator Installation. Load Bank Testing. Impedance Testing. Site Survey. Micro Data Centre. Edge Data Centre. Modular Data Centre. Industry 4. Internet of Things. Design and Build. Air Conditioning. Fire Suppression. Server Racks.The operation is fairly simple. The output from the UPS is then connected to another switch UPS Output and the output of this feeds the load with a secondary connection feeding the output of the Bypass Switch.

Although this sounds confusing if you follow the red lines on the bypass panel above you should be able to figure it out. Although this layout has three switches, other configurations are available with a single switch with usually 3 positions — Normal, UPS Bypass, Bypass. When we want to bypass the UPS then this is simple.

We just turn the bypass switch from off to on — right? Wrong, very wrong. Because then what happens is the input mains supply is now directly connected to the UPS output which usually results in a destroyed inverter and a popped fuse with the resultant drop in load power that we were trying to avoid in the first instance.

Now you may think this is obvious but it does happen as — in the example above — there are no warnings on the panel, and particularly with single switch panels there can be an assumption that there is some sort of safety guard — there is not!

Sometimes you do this by switching the unit off and it automatically bypasses. Sometimes you need to turn a breaker on the back of the unit. Once the UPS is in bypass, you can then safely turn the bypass switch on the box from off to on.

Then you can switch off the input and output breakers. Load is now provided with power directly from the mains and the UPS has no power feeding it.

The UPS can be taken out of circuit for service. The first one is obvious. If you get a power disturbance whilst in bypass the UPS is not offering the load any protection.

This of course can result in downtime. When bringing a unit up from bypass there is the pitfall of an in-rush current tripping the supply fuse. This is more prevalent when the unit has an isolation transformer fitted and the electrical supply circuit breaker is not a Type C or D breaker. However a trip has happened to me on several occasions with transformerless products. What transpired is the internal capacitors were fully discharged resulting in a current spike during switch on, which although limited through a start up protection circuit was still high enough to trip a sensitive breaker.

For these scenarios a hot tip is before applying power to the UPS, start it up from battery. This charges up the capacitors internally. You can then switch off and quickly reconnect power to start up or allow the unit to synch with the incoming supply. In any event the bypass procedure must be undertaken with absolute care, and site users must be aware that any bypass operation is not foolproof and there is always the risk of downtime, particularly during power down and power up moments.

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ups wrap around bypass schematic

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Understanding UPS Maintenance Bypass Arrangements

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Beware Maintenance Bypass Switches. What you need to know.

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